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Expanded Polystyrene Industries Served by Forte EPS Solution ON - EPS for ConstructionExpanded Polystyrene, commonly known as EPS foam in North America, is a light weight, closed-cell, semi-rigid and highly insulating cellular plastic based material. Comprised mostly of air, EPS foam exhibits physical and mechanical properties rendering it an excellent choice of material for numerous industries and applications, especially for insulation in construction projects, protective insulating packaging for food and general packaging products offering high impact protection for sensitive contents.


Expanded Polystyrene is the perfect solution for a broad range of industries including:


Public Infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.)

Retail & Film

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)


What is EPS FOAM or Expanded Polystyrene?


Expanded Polystyrene, commonly known as EPS in North America, is a light weight, closed-cell, semi-rigid cellular plastic material. EPS exhibits physical and mechanical properties which render it as an excellent choice of material for several industries and applications.


Main Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of EPS FOAM

Expanded Polystyrene has many desirable physical and mechanical properties such as:

Superior long term thermal resistance

EPS is an inert material and is dimensionally stable

Excellent Buoyancy

Excellent moisture resistance

Light weight and easy to handle

High compressive strength relative to its weight

Versatile material and can be molded or cut into a multitude of shapes and forms

100% recyclable

Ozone friendly. Does not use CFC’s or HCFC’s in the manufacturing process

Cost effective with a relatively Low cost per R-value (R-value is a measure thermal insulation)


Applications of EPS FOAM for specific industries


The majority of EPS production in North America is used in the construction industry in several applications including:

High density EPS insulation panel products

Thermal insulating material for exterior/interior below and above grade walls and roof structures

Thermal insulating material of floors and slab on grade

Main substrate material for stucco and exterior insulating finishing systems (EIFS)

Thermal insulation for radiant floor heating

Insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) for walls and floors

Structural insulated panels (SIP’s)

Garage door insulation


Due to its light weight, dimensional stability and high compressive strength, a special grade of EPS referred to as geofoam is used in geotechnical applications including:

Retaining wall backfill

Road construction and widening

Bridge abutment and underfill

Culverts, pipelines and buried structures

Noise and vibration damping

Slope stabilization

Stadium and theatre seating

Under slab fill for ice rink floors

Landscaping and green roofs

Retail & Recreational Themes

EPS has also proved its cost effectiveness for recreational themes and retail. Due to its light weight and production versatility, EPS is used in the retail & recreation industry to create monuments, historical building replicas, point of sale displays and decorations. EPS can be molded, hand carved or custom cut with precision to create almost any shape as required. Furthermore several EPS shapes can be glued together easily to form larger objects. The final shape is then painted and/or coated to create the required theme without resorting to the use of heavy materials such as stone or cement or expensive skilled labor such as master masons.

Lost Foam

EPS is also used to create complex and precision metal shapes using a special technique known as lost foam casting. This process requires making the required metal shape in EPS. The EPS shape is then coated with refractory coating and placed in a casting flask that is filled with compacted sand. Molten material is then poured into the casting flask causing the EPS to vapourize leaving behind the required shape in precision cast metal. This is a cost effective method of creative precision metal shapes compared to the traditional wax casting.




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